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About Our Company

Buying a car when you have to, not want to is a hassle. After a minor car accident that left my beloved, reliable vehicle totaled out by the offender's car insurance company I had only a few days to find a replacement vehicle before they stopped paying for the rental that I was using while mine was in the shop. I had put a lot of time in repairs to my car and kept it clean, so I was surprised to find how low they valued it and would reimburse me for. Whatever way you played it, I needed new wheels and fast!

I began my search in the local used car lots in town and was disappointed in what I found. There were older model cars with high numbers of miles on them being sold for more money than I could really afford at the time. I know a lot about cars from reading and keeping up with magazines and websites. I also check the Kelly Blue Book; it is my bible for all things relating to cars. So I knew that the lots that I was looking for cars at were going way above the salesperson commission formula as well. When I pointed this out they would not lower the prices and acted rude that I was not willing to pay what they wanted.

"This will be the best decision you ever made in your life! Good deals, excellent service, and best of all they come right to you!"

- James J.

When I test drove some of my choices I found poor quality machines. I alerted the salespeople to defects and they lied and told me sounds and wiring issues that I spotted were fine, normal in fact. I know how to do some repairs and know that I was being lied to. I ended up buying the best option that I could find and it was still over-priced and needed more repairs than I should have had to make.

The entire experience made me realize the type of service that San Diego, CA was greatly in the need for. I decided to open my own automotive business. I decided to purchase vehicles from people and offer them fair compensation for the condition of their car. If it is well-maintained and has repairs that add value, I give them that value. I then sell the cars to people searching for quality transportation.

Since word of mouth accounts for a lot of my business I make sure that my customers are satisfied. Quality, Honesty and fair prices are my priority.